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♬The social media company used to dole out blue checks to accounts it vetted and deemed "active, notable, and authentic," according to the company.❀C1210X110F4HACAUTO↗"It's not only about protecting us, but it's about protecting our community. And that's a different calculus, where it's now within the government's interests to make sure that these diseases are not spreading," Deshmukh said.↗VJ2220A152KBCAT4X✡"[By this time] he has a very extensive collection of porn, sex toys, 'obscene' books and, of course, contraceptive and abortifacient devices," she says. "And he invites the congressmen to come and look at this display of 'shocking' items."☋2220Y0500182KFT↤"We weren't finding what we were expecting to find," one of them said.⇗

⇂CSA: What we gave, is accurate. We know the full story. If you have another story, tell us.▇C1206C222FAGECAUTO7210▮"The first girl I walked up to was crouched down covering her head in the bushes, so I felt for a pulse, pulled her head to the side and she had no face," he told the outlet.➷


➳Just a few blocks away from Old National Bank, a man was killed and a woman was hospitalized on Monday when a shooter opened fire on a community college campus. The two incidents were completely unrelated, officials said.】S6025LTP◘Last January, Holmes was convicted of fraud and conspiracy for duping investors about technology that she boasted would revolutionize how blood testing is performed by testing for hundreds of conditions with just a pinprick of blood.04025A330FAT2A➲Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told reporters he'd spoken with Hipkins and offered Australian assistance.☁CWR11JC226KCB✤If you don't have underlying conditions that put you at risk and feel uncertain about how to proceed, have an honest converation with your doctor or health-care provider, suggests Dr. Preeti Malani, a professor of medicine in the Divisions of Infectious Diseases and Geriatric Medicine at the University of Michigan. Ask how to gauge your personal risk.◤

のWhen Mansanares pulls into the parking lot at work each morning in Denver, she's greeted by abortion seekers sleeping in their trucks.◫1210Y1000150JAT☼On Tuesday, he wrote in a since-deleted post, "Little girl got a pass. Do not ring doorbell. Please," along with a link to an Inside Edition story on the shooting of Yarl. He shared that same link in another post that said, "my 6 is right over there. ... I know the Fulton County police chief."☋


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VJ0603Y332MLAAJ32▢"Being able to talk openly about our mental health and our mental wellness is huge," he says, and it's not just in the healthcare field. "I'm able to have conversations with my family about mental health that I never have dared to have before."△M39003/01-2469/HSD▩As part of a CBS News investigation last year, Rapp noted that Putin had written his Ukraine playbook years ago, in Syria, when his longtime ally, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, cracked down on the pro-democracy movement. More than 250,000 civilians have died in the decade-long conflict that followed the Arab Spring movement in 2011.◄

⇟His approval rating among independents is just 36%, a group he won in 2020 and needs to win over again if he hopes to win reelection next year.✥


"I hope they right that ship because he deserves to be there by our bench. In my time knowing him, he's always been respectful. He's always been considerate of those around him. Very weird to see, and I hope it's resolved," he added.✆CDR31BP200BJWSAT➴No additional information from the autopsy beyond the cause and manner of death can be released by the medical examiner's office, Williams said.◙C927U270JZNDCAWL45➩Abortion rights supporters around the country and in the nation's capital are holding rallies Saturday and Sunday against the decision by a Texas judge to reverse the FDA's approval of a key abortion drug.↶S0402-68NJ3D❥NASA's latest price list shows per-person, per-day charges of $2,000 for food and up to $1,500 for sleeping bags and other gear. Need to get your stuff to the space station in advance? Figure roughly $10,000 per pound ($20,000 per kilogram), the same fee for trashing it afterward. Need your items back intact? Double the price.◧

▨North Carolina also passed a 12-week abortion ban this week, among a slew of restrictions enacted in states after the U.S. Supreme Court last year struck down the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that established a nationwide right to abortion. Fourteen states now have bans throughout pregnancy.►C49D20♪Trump did not testify in his own defense. (Mike Ferrara, an attorney representing Carroll, seized on that, telling jurors during closing arguments that Trump's lawyers had concluded it "would hurt their case if they did.") And his defense team called no witnesses.▍

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