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JANTX2N2329☢"I acknowledge and understand how the loss of a young, vibrant leader and innovator has rocked our city and even beyond," Jenkins said.▪1206J1001P20CAT↽The retail giant said in a statement posted on its website Wednesday that it was committed to celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community but was withdrawing some items over threats that were "impacting our team members' sense of safety and well-being" on the job.♣


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JANS1N6323US❃"We've had emergency crews digging people out of their basements because the house is collapsed on top of them, but luckily they had that safe space to go to," Sheriff Bill Rutan said at a news conference.▋KBP302-BP◦Chu said at the time that the case wasn't the same as other high-profile killings, including George Floyd's death that resulted in a 22 1/2-year sentence for Chauvin. "This is a cop who made a tragic mistake," she said.↶


▐The last time that the region shut down its salmon fishing season to help the population recover was in 2009. At the time, about 122,200 adult fall Chinook salmon were forecast to return to the Sacramento River.∷1206Y0630820KAR⇨Flooding and landslides in Rwanda, which borders Congo, left 129 people dead earlier in the week.⚘UG1C-E3/73⇦The bureau's research involved comparing how people could respond to a combined question vs. separate questions.▢RDEC72A475MWM1C03A♟After the appeals court ruled against her last year, Daniels tweeted: "I will go to jail before I pay a penny."ⓞ

●Named Hakuto, Japanese for white rabbit, the spacecraft had targeted Atlas crater in the northeastern section of the moon's near side, more than 50 miles (87 kilometers) across and just over 1 mile (2 kilometers) deep.⇧1808YA250271KXTSPU♠"What did you do today?" Gulden asks.✦


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SI7403BDN-T1-GE3◦What's the big deal? Aside from winning one of the highest honors in the industry, the investigative work the Archibalds contributed to led to big changes.↯1808Y0630562FCR➵Human transmission is through body fluids, with the main symptoms being fever, vomiting, bleeding and diarrhea.↪

▦Tech companies, however, are already making their AI tools available to billions of people, and incorporating them into apps and software many of us use every day.▉


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