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DeSantis has consistently ranked second in nationwide polls of Republican candidates. Trump remains the frontrunner, often ahead of DeSantis by 30 points.√GRJ31CR72A105ME11L❣The third round resumed Sunday morning, and officials said the fourth and final round was expected to begin Sunday afternoon.☚MLF1608DR10JTD25ЮBut instead, the live audio event was beset with technical malfunctions. After some 20 minutes of crashing and echoing and chaos, it abruptly ended.☚UNR212300L■Warroad Schools Superintendent Shawn Yates says the logo was created by an Indigenous artist and was "intended to be honoring of the Indigenous peoples." Further, he says, a portion of every sale of logo-themed school merchandise "goes to support programming directly for Indigenous youth."⇈

▼Curious onlookers lined the road as the animals sheepishly entered the highway, guided by ranchers and steered by sheepdogs. They traveled up the road a little ways, the fluffy white herd obscuring the yellow-painted centerline amid a chorus of "baas" and the lead ewe's jangling bell.⇌C0603C181J3HAC7867✿The combination of the two biggest and best-known Swiss banks, each with histories dating to the mid-19th century, strikes at Switzerland's reputation as a global financial center — putting it on the cusp of having a single national banking champion.◦

▒President Biden's White House is blaming the "conditions created by his predecessor" for the way the U.S. ended its more-than-two-decade-long military presence in Afghanistan in 2021.▐


➸Khader Adnan, a leader in the Islamic Jihad militant group, is the first Palestinian prisoner to die since Palestinian inmates began staging protracted hunger strikes about a decade ago. His death raises the potential for renewed violence between Israel and Palestinian militant groups as violence surges in the West Bank.▨LTF3020T-470M-D↧"Stock volatility is not indicative of deposit instability," wrote Jefferies bank analyst Casey Haire in a note to clients about Western Alliance.☢2225Y2000105MXT❈"Did you ever receive anything close to tens of millions of dollars separate and apart from The Wolf of Wall Street?" asked prosecutor Nicole Lockhart.◑FQB8N60CFTM◀"A key part of why people will seek out HSS is because of the clinical expertise to do the things they did with Orlov, which is take a shot at trying to save his legs," Robbins said. "We're known in the trauma world for really having the expertise and experience to say, 'Wait a minute, maybe we can save this gentleman's legs, which is what they're trying to do.'"♤

◤"I am so thrilled to be on the cover of the @SI_Swimsuit issue," she said in an Instagram post. "My motto has always been: 'when you're through changing, you're through,' so I thought, why not be up for this opportunity of a lifetime? I hope this cover inspires you to challenge yourself to try new things, no matter what stage of life you are in."▪S0603-33NG3S⊙The Russian onslaught damaged the Kherson hospital and also left the city and the surrounding settlements without electricity.☣

☻He added that a repurpose plan could be approved in the "mid-term in the future."⊙

⇓"It's definitely a nightmare from a warning standpoint," Gibbs said. "It's bad anytime, but it's especially bad at 3:30 in the morning."↯


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