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C0805C221G1HACAUTO▩Understanding the full scope of fatal use of force by police nationwide is difficult.◑1210R-022M♥The Three of Us, a tightly constructed debut novel written during lockdown by British Nigerian Ore Agbaje-Williams, a book editor in the U.K., had me feeling trapped and looking for escape routes.♙


✆All four crew members were transported to a hospital for minor injuries and have been released as of Friday morning, according to Kent.✐C0805C102J5RECAUTO☠This slip of a novella reads more like a poem or a fireside oration recited by some bard of old than it does like a traditional fantasy or horror novel. It is gory and grotesque, full of severed body parts and the sort of people who consume them. But it is also beautiful in its darkness; much like the mermaids of lore — before they were transformed into manatee-sweet, soft-haired sirens — it has teeth. Readers in the mood to savor a silver-tongued little nightmare will sink happily into its depths.⊕DMN6040SVTQ-13▣The lawsuit names the Newport News School Board and several school district officials, including former Superintendent George Parker III, as defendants.▓0805Y2000273JDT☣"My prayers are with Payton and her teammates that were involved in last night's tragic event," she added. "I know mental wounds also leave scars."▩

☾"Much of Adani's wealth has been a direct result of this problematic relationship [with the prime minister]. ... So, it's only expected that an Adani-owned channel would work to keep up the Modi-Adani ties," says Somdeep Sen, a political scientist at Roskilde University in Denmark.▤JAN1N4123DUR-1▮Werfel said the agency is "deeply concerned" by the findings from its investigation and is committed to doing the work to understand and address any disparities in its practices.➢


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T95S225K020ESSL◈After Minneapolis police killed George Floyd in the summer of 2020, the entire United States watched as protests against police brutality rocked cities from coast to coast. And while the U.S. was grappling with questions of race and justice, the rest of the world looked on, too.▤K471J10C0GH5TH5Workers in Old Bridge Township found 15 wheel-barrow loads of "illegal dumped pasta along a creek in a residential neighborhood," Old Bridge Business Administrator Himanshu Shah told NPR.

↰Before winning office as a freshman last November, Santos lied about his professional accomplishments, his education and his family's history.♪


➣During this town hall, for example, in addition to the lies, he:☆CWR09NC225MM⇌And just before Tuesday's hearing in New York, a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., allowed a Department of Justice investigation into Trump to proceed. The court ruled that Special Counsel Jack Smith can question top Trump aides on his actions in Jan. 6 and handling of classified documents, Johnson reports.▩ZVN4306ASTZ➫KFF Health News, formerly known as Kaiser Health News (KHN), is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues and is one of the core operating programs at KFF — the independent source for health policy research, polling, and journalism.✑C325C912F2G5TA7301✍Prosecutors in South Carolina say Murdaugh engaged in three separate schemes to bilk his clients of money and property.▀

卐"This is a reality that we don't have to accept. The alarm bells about social media's devastating impact on kids have been sounding for a long time, and yet time and time again, these companies have proven they care more about profit than preventing the well-documented harm they cause," he said. "None of this is out of Congress's control."↪C1206C153J2GACAUTO☃Officials say providing such information, which will also have to be available in pubs and other licensed establishments, is critical as experts learn more about the health hazards of drinking.◇

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