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○"This is all so new to me. And when we recorded this song a year ago, I never in my life would ever think this was ever going to happen," Katelyn Brown said.↔


⇢Five people were killed in the shooting, including an 8-year-old boy. Capers said a vigil was planned Sunday evening for the boy, who has been identified as Daniel Enrique Laso Guzman.☻1808J2K00181JCR▏Gomez and the child – both from Fort Worth, about 28 miles from Keene – fled the area, but Gomez eventually returned to the scene. Law enforcement tracked and arrested the child in Rio Vista, about 14 miles south of Keene. Police confiscated several firearms from the minor.¤VRF152▫The gunman, Payton Gendron, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in February.♥0805J0250181KCT❀He stayed on at Fort Lee, where he was assigned as an instructor at the Quartermaster Leadership School, becoming the school's operations officer.

▱If passed, the bill will be applied retroactively, meaning journalists and others would not be able to access information on previous trips.⇉199D106X0035D1V1E3»"He proved the data Lindell LLC provided, and represented reflected information from the November 2020 election, unequivocally did not reflect November 2020 election data," the arbitrators wrote. "Failure to pay Mr. Zeidman the $5 million prize was a breach of the contract, entitling him to recover."⇆


☼Florida state Sen. Clay Yarborough, the bill's sponsor, and DeSantis' office did not immediately respond to NPR's request for comment on the lawsuit.⏎DDTC113TLP-7☁Likewise, on Zarqawi's trip to Baghdad, the analysts did not believe that the trip was coordinated with the Iraqis.ⓞFK20X7R1E106MR006✪Last week Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal met with Francis at the Vatican and asked him to help return Ukrainian children taken following the Russian invasion.▊0805Y2501P20BCT▤Solicitor General Prelogar conceded that the phrase "de minimis" in the 1977 decision was unfortunate, but she urged the court not to reverse the 46-year-old precedent, which she said has been interpreted for decades by the EEOC and the lower courts in a manner that "generously" accommodates the interests of religious employees.あ

☼Copenhagen, Denmark — Dozens of activists, including Greta Thunberg of neighboring Sweden, blocked the entrance to Norway's energy ministry in Oslo Monday to protest a wind farm they say hinders the rights of the Sami Indigenous people to raise reindeer in Arctic Norway. The activists, mainly teenagers, lay outside the ministry entrance holding Sami flags and a poster reading "Land Back."○MMBTA42-TP░Some authors and others in the publishing world responded publicly in support of Tokuda-Hall.↠


♗Houston Public Media's Ariel Worthy contributed to this reporting.✆08053A152FAT2A◦Autumn's saving grace is the ability to submit any "additional materials" that might sway the reviewers toward acceptance. So she quickly joins the Young Black Entrepreneurs in an effort to be better than average, and sideways pitches Promposal Queen with the help of fellow senior Mekhi Winston, Autumn's former-crush-turned-enemy. An unexpected kiss between them freshman year cost Autumn her best friend. She has no intention of revisiting all that trauma.⇘MA0402CG1R0B100☆Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought new, state charges against Bannon last year. He is awaiting trial. Presidential pardons apply only to federal crimes, not state offenses. Bannon has called the case "nonsense."▔1825CC683KAT1A⇜The Houthi move prompted a Saudi-led coalition to intervene months later in a bid to restore the internationally recognized government to power. The conflict has in recent years turned into a regional proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.☆

◇Carrie Underwood, the most-awarded artist in CMT history with 25 awards, performed "Hate My Heart" as fireworks lit up the Austin night. Four-time Grammy winner Clark Jr. performed a tribute to the late Texas guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn at the top of the show.♧TBJB106K020LRDC0845☞To Jadess Speller, a student at nearby Pace University, the collapse "felt like an earthquake — like the earth opened up inside, like that's how violent it was." Other students described seeing cars falling in the building.▅

↻Authorities confirmed to NPR that no one was injured in the incident, which happened around 10 p.m. Tuesday night and is now under review by the FBI and Department of Defense.♦

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