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◐Google said in a statement Tuesday that it suspended Pinduoduo on the Google Play app store out of "security concerns" and that it was investigating the matter.➝


▣Here's a recap of some of the biggest moments in the trial so far:⇕VJ1206Y473MXBCW1BC▎Kilicdaroglu not only represents his CHP party — he's the candidate of a coalition of half a dozen parties known as the Table of Six or the Nation Alliance. The coalition includes parties from the left, center and right wings of Turkish politics, and disagrees on many issues. But it has found common ground on one thing — their desire to replace Erdogan as president.☢GGM1885C2A100RA16D✿The Sacramento Kings say they are investigating an incident in which the rapper E-40 was ejected from their arena during Saturday's playoff game against the Golden State Warriors, an incident he says was the result of "racial bias."↬2220Y2500154KDT⇤It's by crossing borders that Mutu has found her muses. In an email interview for this article, she wrote, "Making art and traveling are my greatest teachers. Everyone should travel, not just to see new things but to see new things in themselves." She encourages anyone who can to examine their home countries from a different perspective and from a distance.▥

卍The Patsy Cline CD arrived at Hastings' home unblemished, prompting the duo in 1998 to launch a DVD-by-mail rental website that they always knew would be supplanted by even more convenient technology.♥T491X687M006ZT◈They've recovered objects from 28 countries, repatriating more to Italy than anywhere else.⇡


★But people on social media took issue with the ad, in which Max-Brown described her struggles with anxiety after a gunman opened fire on her college campus in February, killing three fellow Michigan State University students. Critics said the video, which featured upbeat music and product placement, overtly capitalized on a devastating incident and trivialized survivors’ trauma.▤0603Y0160221KDR☈Safety is paramount for those preparing to watch the celestial show. Experts say that, aside from the brief time the moon completely covers up the sun during a total solar eclipse, it's not safe to look directly at a total or partial eclipse with the naked eye. NASA says using specialized eye protection or alternate methods, such as a pinhole projector or your phone, is a must.◐TAZH157K010LBSB0823▊About 30 years ago, a plan was hatched to help the women.⊿SBRT15U100SP5-7D☭A small number of documents, including some marked "top secret," were found on Twitter and Telegram on Wednesday. Since then, journalists, researchers, and social media sleuths have uncovered additional classified documents posted as early as March 1 on additional sites. This raises a host of questions about how widespread the breach may be and how much damage it could cause.☻

■"This is our worst nightmare," Pyatt said. "It doesn't get worse than this."✡C0402C122K8HAC7867↶McCarthy, whose remarks echoed a speech he gave at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, said the plan would also repeal key parts of Democrats' signature legislative package — the Inflation Reduction Act — as well as President Biden's program to cancel college student debt, which is currently tied up in courts.☾


▨The complaint filed against Gorman's book The Hill We Climb — named for the poem she famously recited at President Biden's 2021 swearing-in — alleges that the work is "not educational," contains indirect hate speech and shouldn't be in schools.↛IRG4PSH71KPBF♙In 1968, Johnson named Fortas to succeed Chief Justice Earl Warren, who was retiring. At his confirmation hearing to be chief justice, details of his close relationship with Johnson were revealed. As a sitting justice, he sat in on meetings at the White House, discussed secret court deliberations with Johnson and lobbied members of the Senate who opposed the war in Vietnam on the president's behalf.↗GRM155R61A334ME15D◙An auction page on the site adds, "With 200 rhinos born a year, the project has the power to make a significant difference and bolster declining rhino populations on the African continent."▣M39014/22-0131◤The result wasn't close. City Hall said on its website about 103,000 people voted, with 89% rejecting e-scooters and just 11% supporting them.↕

▶Despite never finding sure footing, he is determined: "I would thrive wherever the wind laid me." When he discovers that he will never be able to return to India, which is still home to him, he declares, "...I will be my own shelter, my landing place. Like a snail, I will carry home on my back, find it where I happen to be, make it from what I bear inside me."▨BZV49-C7V5,115▥It noted that children often use air rifles in these events, which increases the likelihood of an animal's suffering and prolonged death.

➛According to Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of centenarians, people aged 100 or older, in Japan reached 90,526 as of Sept., 2022. This represented 72.13 centenarians per 100,000 population. It was also an increase of nearly 4,000 from September the previous year.♥


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