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1812J1K00220JCR↴In early January, local prosecutors told NPR that Davis was not charged with a hate crime because Indiana is one of four states that lack a comprehensive law.▩STPS20170CT▢A co-defendant, financier Andrew Badolato, was also sentenced to three years for aiding the effort. He had also pleaded guilty. A third man involved in siphoning funds from the wall project, Colorado businessman Tim Shea, won't be sentenced until June.♂


♠NEW YORK — A parking garage collapsed Tuesday in lower Manhattan's Financial District, killing one worker, injuring five and crushing cars as concrete floors fell on top of each other like a stack of pancakes, officials said.♪0805Y0630151JAR☂Conservative activists and media have also bashed Target in recent days for selling "tuck-friendly" women's swimsuits that allow some trans women to hide their genitalia, the Associated Press reported.■2N5883▧"Every year the pews are getting emptier and the collection plates getting lighter," he says. "We're going to see thousands of churches closing in America over the next 20 or 30 years in every part of the country, in every region and every state, urban, suburban, rural."✲VJ0805Y563MXACW1BC❈Uvalde District Attorney Christina Mitchell Busbee has said she is still investigating the shooting response, leaving open the possibility that officers will face charges. If they did, however, it would be highly unusual, as officers rarely face criminal prosecution for missteps in crises.☪

♡Though Hurts delivered an historic performance — with three rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown — the birds ultimately fell to the Chiefs with a final score of 38-35.◊RS3GHE3/57TIn most cases, the shoes and other possessions were collected and the material used to help the Third Reich in its war effort. The 110,000 shoes in the museum's collection — while massive — most likely came from only the last transports to the camp, Cajzer said.⇢


↡While the war is far from over, a counteroffensive late last fall pushed back Russian forces around the city. A few families from the kindergarten class have returned.◥M39014/01-1222TR1】"Friendliness and cleanliness. That's the two key things," Horak says. "I mean you get the Wal-marts and Hy-Vees and stuff like that, but they're not gonna know you by name. We're gonna know you by name. We're gonna know what you want."☢1812J0630330FCR▭Tuesday's airstrikes recalled Israel's similar targeted attacks that killed Islamic Jihad commanders in Gaza in the summer of 2022. The surprise strikes set off a three-day blitz that led to the deaths of the militant group's two top commanders and other militants. Some two dozen Palestinian civilians — who have paid a high price over the years in Israeli attacks on Gaza — were also killed.ぃBZX84B3V0-E3-08♤Some in Vietnam believe that extracts from cat bones can help cure conditions such as asthma and osteoporosis.➜

✉As the Republican gears up for a likely presidential run, we created this guide to recent legislative proposals in the Sunshine State that offer a lens into his vision for the country.▧M3253502E2A682KZMB♬In late January, Kathleen DeLaney, an attorney who is representing the student's family, told NPR in a statement: "The family has stated that the student is out of the hospital and recovering, and they have requested privacy to allow for further emotional and physical healing."☆

○Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been chosen for multiple fellowships at Harvard University, the school announced Tuesday.▬


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ZMY4V7-GS18■"Through the journey, I thought I'd make my debut, and it would be a normal at-bat, obviously special — but the crowd cheering my name, I got my parents here," Maggi said later. "I mean, this is unbelievable."➪PS21563-SP☢It's worse than you imagine. Nearly every new thing coming out of a university is too early to help anyone who has cancer now. Worse, nearly everything fails. If that sounds jaded, I'm sorry. This is oncologists' lived reality.⊙

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