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2220Y0250104KFT▄The agenda concludes with Trump asking Congress to pass legislation to ensure drug smugglers and traffickers are eligible for the death penalty.⊙0805J0250223MDR▨It's been a big year for Jalen Hurts.♧

↧It's not clear who is being granted visas or visa exemptions to enter Egypt, and Sudanese people have said information is increasingly hard to come by. At first, Egyptian authorities appeared to be granting many exemptions, which encouraged even more people to head to the border, but as the crowds grew after more than a week of violence in Sudan, al-Neaamah said there was little reliable information available.➘


⇧The last big strike lasted more than three months, stretching from 2007 into 2008. Back then, people were up in arms over the fate of beloved shows like Grey's Anatomy. In the meantime, they fired up their DVD players to watch early seasons of The Wire and binge shows like Friday Night Lights and My So-Called Life.✁VJ0805Y152KXAPW1BC⇞Bragg has said the investigation has included numerous pieces.☠VJ0805D301KLPAJ◐He may instead choose to build a "blue-red" alliance with the SDP and its allies, teaming up with the party whose economic policies he attacked throughout the campaign.▐TSDGLW⇁Navigators, who help people sign up for health insurance for free thanks to federal grants, have extra funding this year to help people who find themselves without Medicaid coverage. (Navigators strongly suggest Medicaid enrollees make sure their contact information is up to date with their state Medicaid office so they don't miss a notice about their coverage.)☠

▩Credit Suisse's shares soared as much 30% on Thursday after it announced it will move to shore up its finances by borrowing up to nearly $54 billion from the Swiss central bank, bolstering confidence as fears about the banking system moved from the U.S. to Europe.♦C1206X161J5HAC7800▣"These arrests were not about protecting people from harm, but about protecting the King from embarrassment. It was the state wanting to stamp down dissent in order to present an image of a grateful and consenting public at the time of the coronation," Smith said.✥


↖The bill also requires the “biological father” to pay child support from conception, a provision critics said establishes the “personhood” of the fetus and could be used by antiabortion advocates to promote other “personhood” laws in the state.☢BZX984B24▤The juvenile suspect's age was confirmed by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, according to The Dallas Morning News.✍MTAJ50N05HDLFK◐"As late as May 2021, the assessment was still that Kabul would probably not come under serious pressure until late 2021 after U.S. troops departed," the NSC paper said. "As planning intensified throughout the late spring and early summer, intelligence reports continued to suggest that — even if the Taliban made gains in some Afghan provinces — the capital, Kabul, would be more difficult for the Taliban to take and the ANDSF would defend it."✃2220Y1K50270KCT▆Airbags, which inflate forcefully when a crash causes them to deploy, can injure children and small adults. The front passenger seat of most cars has a weight sensor to detect if someone small is sitting there and, if so, switch off the airbag.↢

↯And it might rain.▂2225J1K00681MDR▩The social media team spends a lot of time looking through stock photo repositories but has struggled to find images of Americans with disabilities using even the most common home safety devices, like cooking in the kitchen.▪


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UGB10BCT-E3/81〓He's officially back to working out with the team, Brandon Beane, the Bills' general manager, said at a pre-draft press conference on Tuesday.▧AOZ5537QI♤Davis further stated Dominion would have an opportunity to effectively pick apart a Fox host's statements if they asserted under oath that election lies were newsworthy. In a response that neared a roleplay, Davis suggested various questions that Dominion attorneys could ask during a cross-examination, including why Fox hosts who believed election lies to be newsworthy didn't also air interviews with then-President elect Joe Biden.⏎

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