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♧The teacher in charge of that green classroom is Iryna Sahan, who mixes kindness and authority in a way only someone with nearly 30 years in a classroom can do. In her apartment in Kharkiv's northeast, she unwraps a package of newly printed yearbooks. Each book is filled with photos of her 27 kindergartners. She gets goosebumps as she turns the pages, describing them. "Aurora had a big personality. Sofiia was always in charge. Simeon convinced me to buy that chess set."⇦


◄Montana is one of at least 15 states with laws to ban such care despite protests from the families of transgender youth that the care is essential.⊞NSVUMC5NT1G⇝Rep. Justin Pearson's district in Memphis is 61.1 % Black. Rep. Justin Jones' district in Nashville is 30.9 % Black and 24 % Hispanic. Rep. Gloria Johnson's district is 58.2 % Black.♨CQ220-6D↥He said political leaders should set aside their egos and "sit together and think about Pakistan, which is on the verge of a default."☢VJ1812A220FNLAR◆Snake-oil sellers are all over cancer patients. They are all over me. These hucksters will make a buck ripping off cancer patients if they can. These hucksters are vultures (or optimistic to the point of delusion). They don't have evidence. See above.➯

▲U.S. Park Police say a preliminary investigation indicates that 19-year-old Sai Varshith Kandula of Chesterfield, Mo., plowed into the bollards around Lafayette Square on purpose.♡VJ0805V473ZXQPW1BC✪"I don't know when we weren't friends," Ellis told WTOC-TV, calling Rivers "a legend."卐

↭The Chinese foreign ministry on Sunday called the decision to shoot down the balloon "a clear overreaction and a serious violation of international practice."✚

░A car driven by someone with apparent psychiatric problems rushed through a Vatican gate Thursday evening and sped past Swiss Guards into a palace courtyard before the driver was apprehended by police, the Holy See said.♡


❐He did not say what words he had to bite his tongue to stifle. He did not mention what phrases or thoughts he was swallowing or what specifically it is about the young Black legislator that disrespects the history of the statehouse.웃1206Y0501P00DFT▽Alegre had called for the landlocked country's relationship with Taiwan to be reviewed, saying they are too costly. Peña defended Paraguay's relationship with Taipei, but said he would seek more trade with China, without explaining how that would come about.➲M39006/09-8294✄Kristen Martin is working on a book on American orphanhood for Bold Type Books. Her writing has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Believer, The Baffler, and elsewhere. She tweets at @kwistent.♠1808J0160391FFR▓That hit home for Caitlin Rivers recently when both of her kids had strep.▲

→A 2017 Netflix documentary also placed a spotlight on abuse claims against the late priest A. Joseph Maskell, who taught at a Catholic high school in Baltimore in the 1960s and '70s. Detectives exhumed his body several years ago while investigating the still unsolved cold case homicide of Catherine Ann Cesnik, a nun who disappeared from a Baltimore shopping center in 1969. She was teaching at the same high school as Maskell at the time of her slaying.卍1808Y1K50101JXT✙The WMD story is where many commentators end the CIA and Iraq narrative. That CIA got WMD wrong.  End of story.♚


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