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➣A community mass was held Sunday near where the crash took place, and two vigils were also planned for Monday, Texas Public Radio reported.✣


◙Sixty-two percent of Asian adults said they were Democrats or leaned that way, compared with 34% identifying as Republican or Republican-leaning.⇧C0603X102J4RECAUTO7411✄"In our first week, we actually sold 37,000," Reynolds said. Before long, the words were plastered everywhere from the grass at Fenway Park to the mint boxes sold at gift shops.↕VJ0603Y392MLJAJ32✄Almost 25 years into her sentence, Miller is a grandmother now. She gets to speak with some of her grandchildren by phone from time to time, and when she lets herself dream about a life outside of prison, that's where her mind goes.❥RL181S-473J-RC➤The bill "protects Montana children from permanent, life-altering medical procedures until they are adults, mature enough to make such serious decisions," Gianforte wrote in his letter accompanying the amendments.➶

♀Kentucky's Republican-majority legislature approved the legislation, and it became law after Beshear, a Democrat, neither signed nor vetoed it.☠1206J1000150KCR۰Last month, House Republicans passed a bill that would increase the debt limit by $1.5 trillion or through March 2024 — whichever comes first — and include trillions in deficit reduction.♚

❤"They also stated their mission was to rid the world of 'zombies,' " Ball wrote.✯


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C951U392MZVDAA7317ºHere's how Porter describes the scene at Last Chance: "They each carry a private inner register of who is genuinely not OK, who is liable to go psycho, who is hard, who is a pussy, who is actually alright, and friendship seeps into the gaps of these false registers in unexpected ways, just as hatred does, just as terrible loneliness does."↟1812J0500271KFT▥"Today's record-breaking result directly reflects the profound power, influence, and significance of the Hebrew Bible, which is an indispensable pillar of humanity," she said in a statement.◈


↯The waiting room of the hospital was crowded with patients and their caretakers. Many patients were actively bleeding. Some had gunshot wounds. Others bore crush injuries from the concrete rubble of bombed buildings. "We were not prepared for the casualties we saw," Abdullah recalls. Still, he and his few medical staff began systematically triaging and treating the many patients.◊2SC3752M✪Cavanagh said he was "disappointed to share this news" in a separate statement signed by himself and Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts, the son of the Philadelphia-based company's founder. "We built this company on a culture of integrity," Roberts and Cavanagh wrote. "You should count on your leaders to create a safe and respectful workplace."▀2220Y4K00271JXT♚Professional poker player Phil Hellmuth said Sunday that the poker world lost a legend in Brunson.◇1206Y6300121GAT↕The protesters from organizations called Young Friends of The Earth Norway and the Norwegian Sami Association's youth council NSR-Nuorat, said "the ongoing human rights violations" against Sami reindeer herders "must come to an end." Several of the activists donned the Sami's traditional bright-colored dress and put up a tent used by the Arctic people.ⓥ

❐Lawyers and victims told CBS News that ads on social media platforms lured some in, but for many, it was acquaintances who had already been hooked.SS1H9-E3/5ATЮMost buses on roads elsewhere in the city were empty and there was a heavy security presence. It was similarly quiet in the second city of Mandalay, a resident told AFP.➶

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