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▌There is little likelihood that the appeals court will substantially change its view after oral arguments in the case. Its 42-page preliminary order is based, in part, on the Comstock Act, a law that for generations has not been enforced. Enacted in 1873, the statute sought to prevent the mailing of obscene or lewd materials and to bar the mailing of any substance, article or drug used for birth control or for the purpose of "unlawful abortion."○


♤The men, identified as "Harry" Lu Jianwang, 61, of the Bronx, and Chen Jinping, 59, of Manhattan, both U.S. citizens, were arrested at their homes on Monday morning. A lawyer for Lu declined to comment. An email message seeking comment was left with a lawyer for Chen.▕C1005CH1H090C050BA☜In May 2022, French journalist Frederic Leclerc-Imhoff, who was working in Ukraine for BFM-TV, was killed near Sievierodonetsk in the east.あ1N4371A▯This week, lawmakers in Pennsylvania's state Senate voted heavily in favor of a ban on supervised drug injection sites, with 22 Democrats supporting the measure. It hasn't yet been approved by the state House.⇗C2012C0G2A153J085AE➳In a photo posted on Instagram over the weekend, Hayes stood outside of the facility holding a sign that read, "they wouldn't let me in because i'm in a suit."▁

▬Medicaid in Maryland already provides some gender-affirming treatments, but the list would grow to include the ability for individuals to change their hair, make alterations to their face or neck and modify their voice through therapy. Many private insurers already offer those treatments and the law gives parity to those on Medicaid.◑1812Y5000274JER⇂"China's leadership needs to use its influence to bring Russia to end its war of aggression, restore Ukraine's territorial integrity and respect its sovereignty, as a basis for a just peace," European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer said, according to the Agence France-Presse.▆

✦"I'm glad that I can teach my kids," she says, "that, hey, you can learn how to play the game."↥


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D272K33Y5PL63L6♬"It has comforted America to see this as merely a story of monsters, her among them," Tyson said. "What this narrative keeps us from seeing is the monstrous social order that cared nothing for the life of Emmett Till nor thousands more like him. Neither the federal government nor the government of Mississippi did anything to prevent or punish this murder. Condemning what Donham did is easier than confronting what America was — and is."♐CDR125-561MC✲The team at Hip Hop Public Health says that hip-hop offers something extra when it comes to the information they're trying to relay. Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, a hip-hop pioneer formerly in the seminal group Run-DMC, says "it speaks in a youthful, fun, understandable way" while packing the intensity of punk rock or rock and roll.⇑


큐McAdory took issue with Maryland's Gun Safety Act of 2023, which was enacted on Tuesday. It states that a person is no longer allowed to carry a firearm in a school, health care facility or a place licensed to sell alcohol or cannabis such as a stadium, museum or racetrack.♬C0805C102M3RACTU☢It's a particularly common tactic, she said, for studios looking to create scripts for a six- or eight-episode season. That's led to claims that writers are being treated as gig workers: Rather than joining a show for what could be a successful and lucrative run, writers in a mini room commonly earn union-guaranteed minimum rates for short assignments.↘CWR26HB336MBFZ\TR➷Past the ill will, past the statements that were clearly wrong in real time, past the inflammatory arguments and the soaring declarations of constitutional principle, a settlement always loomed as the logical resolution of the legal clash.✒VJ0603D470JLAAP⊠Grief, which hit the right balance between the heartbreak of a mother's death and Porter's inventive, poetic, sardonic, typographically playful text, was a hard act to follow. Porter's second novel, Lanny (2019), offered an unusual take on an outsider child, a whimsical woodsprite with an affinity for nature who goes missing. It featured a shape-shifting mythical green-leafed pagan spirit named Dead Papa Toothwort who feeds on overheard snippets of the villagers' revealing conversations, which form a symphony of snide insinuations about the boy's mother, in particular.○

⇄Premier dates have not been announced.M39003/01-3076/98⊞Rio Cortez, the book's author, stated, "It only further affirms for me that there's revolutionary power in understanding history."➶


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