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SCRH5D18-100Lawyer Joseph Tacopina eased into Carroll's cross-examination at a New York civil trial, questioning the validity of her bombshell claims while suggesting she only came forward with them decades later, in 2019, because of her disdain for Trump's politics and because she wanted to sell copies of her book.◈RD11JS-AZ✎The governor also suggested the new board should sell the district's utility in order to pay down the district's $1 billion debts and make sure Disney World never again has a mask mandate, as it did after closing and then reopening in the first year of the COVID-19 virus' spread.↘


♠An 80-year-old woman and a Palestinian laborer who was working inside Israel were killed by rocket fire. A Palestinian human rights group said three people, including two children, were killed in Gaza by errant rockets.◘GMC21CG8R2D50NT⇧It wasn't supposed to be that way anymore, after new rules kicked in this year to address such issues.↸2225CC104KAT9A☣Abortion-rights advocates are working to support medical providers in managing the mental toll these legal attacks take. The newly created Montana Sexual & Reproductive Health Collective is partnering with licensed therapists to provide free emotional and psychological support for providers.▷GA1812A391GXCAT31G→"Early childhood programs also serve and welcome families that represent many compositions. Children from all families (e.g., single parent, grandparent-led, foster, LGBTQIA+) need to hear and see messages that promote equality, dignity, and worth," the book states.☟

あROME — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held talks with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Saturday, saying it was a great honor to meet with the pontiff, who has previously offered to do what he can to try to end the war launched by Russia's invasion of Ukraine a year ago.のELJ-RG8N2JF◘Financial problems are a common reason family members bring their loved ones to the office of Robin Hilsabeck, a neuropsychologist who specializes in cognitive issues at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School.⊙


◦To hear the sheriff tell it, inmate John Manchec wanted his scheduled colonoscopy to be the stuff of James Bond films, an action-packed prelude to his life after escaping from jail — one hopefully spent basking on his 145-foot yacht and holing up in his French castle. Instead, investigators thwarted his alleged escape plan, and the multimillionaire remains in a Florida jail cell facing dozens of child pornography charges that could send him to prison for what amounts to a life sentence.★VJ0402Y103KXQCW1BC■Speaking with Harry for an interview on "60 Minutes," Anderson Cooper asked the prince about a line in his book in which he refers to a "full-scale rupture" with his family. He asked Harry if he thought it could be healed.⇇TMK021CG8R9BK5W∎Washington — As the Biden administration finished two after-action reviews of the chaotic August 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan, the White House blamed former President Donald Trump for two factors that played a major role in the transition: the short timeline of the withdrawal and the state of military operations when he left office.✙1N5987B_T50A♂But if impeachment is impractical, some prominent members of Congress have managed to express their unhappiness with prominent members of the court. They have employed something more like moral pressure — such as was brought to bear against Justices Abe Fortas and William O. Douglas.⇜

▄The disaster came two days after floods killed at least 131 people and destroyed thousands of homes in neighboring Rwanda.➤06035C123KAT2A☼Yes. Disability is not an issue. And so we should stop making it an issue. Rather, we should embrace it as a kind of diversity.♦


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CKR22CG681JS★The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss closed-door negotiations.⚘T491A105M016AH2478↕Separatists who operate in the region have escalated their attacks in recent years, usually targeting police or government buildings.⊡


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L08055R6BEWTR❒The holy site is administered by the country of Jordan and an Islamic endowment called the Waqf. Muslims are allowed to pray there, but Jews and Christians are not. Ben-Gvir has long decried that status quo as discriminatory and called for greater Jewish access.❦FR201GP-TP◩Last year, the governor generated international headlines when he used state funds to fly about 50 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. He argued most were headed to Florida. But state law at the time specified that Florida could only relocate migrants found in the Sunshine State. The legislature passed a bill amending that requirement earlier this year.☂

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