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IPD60R520C6ATMA1♡GARY COHN: You know, it could be. But then Warren Buffett would become a bank holding company, and the restrictions on bank holding companies are fairly dramatic. And he would have to understand what that meant to his everyday core business, what he could do, what he couldn't do, and all the regulations and restrictions he would have upon himself after having become a bank holding company. It's not a simple decision.⊙CWR26MB106MBHA\TR♡Five former Memphis police officers — Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith — were terminated by the department on Jan. 20. The five officers belonged to a team known as the SCORPION unit, which was deactivated shortly after Nichols' death.➹


❒One senior Texas Ranger was given termination papers in January but remains on the force, state licensing records show. A DPS spokesman said he is currently suspended with pay, over four months later. The acting Uvalde police chief the day of the shooting resigned but was reelected to a county office he had held along with his law enforcement post. The first state police officer disciplined after the massacre was given the option to resign and now works for a local sheriff’s office.◙CGA4J3X7R1C225M125AB△However, NPR has not seen any evidence linking Garcia to the Proud Boys.∷744045222☀"It takes [us] further into new technology that's going to be the standard, I think, not just for Titanic exploration, but all underwater exploration in the future," he adds.↴GJM1555C1H1R6CB01J➢Here's a recap of the case and what is happening now:☢

✆"The extraordinary effort behind this discovery speaks for the enduring truth of Australia's solemn national promise to always remember and honour those who served our country," Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said. "This is the heart and the spirit of Lest We Forget."▧T95S475M6R3CZSL✒"I mean, you just make a wrong turn, you turn around someone's driveway, and you get shot. I mean, who could imagine that?" he said.➳

⊙But that didn't cause nearly as big of a stir as the surge in egg prices earlier this year, which was due mainly to a widespread bird flu outbreak.➷

×According to the National Association of Broadcasters and Nielsen data, more than 80 million people in the U.S. listen to AM radio every month.웃

▽And he's the ceremonial leader of what's known as the Commonwealth, a voluntary association of more than 50 independent member states, many of which were once part of the British Empire but no longer retain Britain's monarch as their head of state. Today the organization holds sporting competitions and is a tool of Britain's soft power to promote peace, development and democracy.▨


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