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✌The birds are part of a population that moves throughout northern Arizona and southern Utah, including Grand Canyon National Park, the park service said.↫


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1782R-71H♗Witnesses and video footage on social media have begun to paint a picture of the horror that transpired at the shopping center in Allen, a city of more than 100,000 people located 25 miles north of downtown Dallas.◐1812Y1000562GCT▥"There is no water, and there is also no electricity and also no market. And all the humanitarian actors, especially the international community, have left," MSF coordinator Mohamed Gibreel Adam, who lives in the city of El Fasher in Darfur, told NPR on Thursday. People there have "a fear, lack of protection, like hopeless, the feeling that they were left alone in this kind of dire and very critical situation."◑


◙"Remember it only takes a moment to change your life forever," said Sophie Shulman, NHTSA deputy administrator.♥UP050B332K-KFCZ☋Kim says the slowdown is noticeable in some of the most important markets. The U.S. share of total K-pop album imports has remained at 17% for two years. The United States is the third-largest importer of K-pop albums after Japan and China. And in Southeast Asia, album sales dropped in all major countries other than Vietnam last year.♣1210J6300471FCT◤REUDA:  We were not tasked with picking people. We were not tasked with deciding what the government was going to be like. We wanted that to be an Iraqi endeavor. The Iraqis had to decide. But we had to bring enough people, give them the wherewithal, whether it was, you know, training, advice or guidance to come together and form some kind of governing authority, then where they would choose, how they would run the country, who would run the country and this sort of thing.⚘C1206X223MMRECAUTO7210☆ 

▣If problems with an employee's dress continue, employees can face "remedies up to and including termination," the memo says.¤8.85E+11◊Here's what most people not immersed in oncology don't get. Even the most promising cancer drugs fail. Cancer drugs have the second-worst failure rate of any disease. Only Alzheimer's is worse.⇌


⇑Status: Signed into law; takes effect July 1♡ER1840-01JM☂There are other ways to deal with it other than shooting it down, such as electronic jamming of the signals it is sending back, a U.S. official pointed out to CBS News.↖MAC12D➦The back-to-back summits were largely meant to resolve bitter disputes triggered by South Korean court rulings in 2018 that ordered two Japanese companies to compensate some of their former Korean employees for forced labor before the end of World War II. Those rulings irked Japan, which insists all compensation issues were settled by a 1965 treaty that normalized relations.»1210Y0250562GFR➜She is also accused of conspiring to murder Tammy Daybell, Chad's then-wife who was found dead in her home in October of 2019 — less than one month before he and Vallow got married in Hawaii. He is Vallow's fifth husband.➶

☌At least half of the decline in natural lakes was driven by human-caused climate change and overconsumption. That's a finding, Yao said, that should help water managers better manage and protect threatened lakes around the world.卍2220J2500823MDT⇑The Three of Us, a tightly constructed debut novel written during lockdown by British Nigerian Ore Agbaje-Williams, a book editor in the U.K., had me feeling trapped and looking for escape routes.卍


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BZX84C27 TR✎23. ""Pale Blue Dot"" — Carl Sagan (1994)♚1808J0630222KCT□In recent months, conservatives in strongholds like North Dakota and Mississippi have defeated proposals similar to the one DeSantis is backing, arguing that the government should avoid interfering with private business decisions.♠


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