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▋Though few concrete details are offered up in this subtle, elegant tale of childhood trauma and resilience, what becomes clear is that a young girl, and her somber, disconsolate sibling, grew up with a mother who struggled with a serious and debilitating mental illness. In the few early scenes in which the mother is pictured, she is depicted through a pane of glass or across a threshold. The daughter cannot access a ghostly presence that is nearly always at a distance. Her longing — for connection, for touch — is nonetheless apparent in every plant leaf she strokes, every seedling she concentrates on, waiting, first as a child, later as an adult, to see if she can apprehend its growth.▭

♦"I don't share your view that certain language and certain rhetoric is just by frustration," Justice Merchan later responded.✲


◎Guests will begin to arrive at checkpoints to attend the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey.⊞T495X157K016ASE100↹The choir's first performance was a few days after their arrival at the prestigious Crystal Palace, a huge cast iron and glass structure. The event was a competition for choirs, and close to 30,000 people attended, according to Jaffer.♂C1210C569D5HACAUTO↕All of this to say that I suggest non-Appalachian readers put aside whatever it is they think they know about the very large region (which spans 423 counties across 13 states) when picking up Sidle Creek, Jolene McIlwain's debut short story collection. Taking place in the Appalachian plateau of western Pennsylvania, where the author grew up and lives now, the 22 stories in Sidle Creek charm, surprise, and convey a deep love of the people and place McIlwain has long called home.↕1N5224B TR⇅Opvee was developed by Opiant Pharmaceuticals, which was recently acquired by rival Indivior, maker of several medications for opioid addiction. Indivior expects to launch Opvee in October at the earliest.☁

☎Lifestyle magnate Martha Stewart is making history, as she becomes the oldest person to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated's yearly swimsuit issue, at 81.⇔HC1812CG470J501↔The disturbing texts came to light during an investigation by the FBI and the local District Attorney's office into alleged misconduct by police in Antioch and the neighboring city of Pittsburg, Calif. Some of the issues being investigated include violent and excessive use of police dogs and eliciting false confessions.¤


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0805J1004P00DQT▣She will also lead the Ronald W. Walters Speakers Series — which will bring speakers to the historically Black college on a range of diverse topics.▰M39003/03-4019✎The clinic's closure created an abortion care desert for four years before another provider took over the practice.❄


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RJK4006DPP-M0#T2▍There have been allegations of "womanizing" or other forms of abusive relationships lodged against other presidents — including after they have left office. John F. Kennedy, elected in 1960 and assassinated three years later, has been the subject of many such reports, in some cases involving well-known individuals such as the movie star Marilyn Monroe.▆GA1812Y223KBEAT31G◨The EU border agency Frontex has said its aircraft spotted the boat off Crotone late Saturday and alerted Italian authorities. Italy sent out two patrol vessels, but they had to turn back because of the poor weather. The rescue operation then went out early Sunday after the boat had splintered.▕


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