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☾Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine, just an hour from the border with Russia. And in those first days of war, it was a scary place. At 7 a.m. on Feb. 24, the morning of the invasion, Sahan sent a text message to the classroom's group chat: "Dear Parents ... this is the information we have at the moment," she wrote. All schools in Kharkiv are closed.✂CDR31BP1R5BCUM\M☠The Tomochichi Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse opened in 1899 on Wright Square in the heart of Savannah's downtown historic district. It was named more than a century later for the chief of the Yamacraw people, a small band of Native Americans who befriended the colonial English settlers that founded Georgia in 1773.░RL895-333K♦"A shoe is an object closely related to a person, to a child. It is a trace, sometimes it's the only trace left of the child."↛CMSH2-60 TR13↱Williams, who was elected in 2020, has vowed to examine every non-unanimous verdict under his jurisdiction — roughly 350 cases, more than any other parish in the state.➳

¤Republicans moved to sideline Zephyr further by canceling some meetings of the two committees on which she serves and moving the bills they were to hear to other committees, Democrats said.あ4379R-474JSΘ"I saw that, and I was shocked," Diwas Bohora told The Associated Press. "I thought that today everything will be finished here after it crashes, I will also be dead."♥

☠Scott Wiener, a former supervisor-turned-state senator who authored the original ban, agreed that the measure hadn't produced the intended results.☃

↬Serbia is estimated to be among the top countries in Europe when it comes to the number of guns per capita, many of them left over from the wars in the 1990s. Other anti-gun measures after the shootings include a ban on new gun licenses, stricter controls on gun owners and shooting ranges, and tougher punishments for the illegal possession of weapons.↕


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0805Y5004P70BFR❀Meantime, the CBP One mobile app, which migrants with limited internet access have widely complained about, transitioned to a new appointment scheduling platform. Officials said they are "significantly increasing" the number of appointments from a low of about 300 per day to 1,000. They are prioritizing people who have been waiting the longest for appointments.✆IRFH8337TRPBF☞Two weeks earlier, Atiq Ahmad had petitioned the Indian Supreme Court for protection, saying there was an "open, direct and immediate threat to his life" from state functionaries of Uttar Pradesh, according to media reports. But the court declined to intervene and instead asked his lawyer to approach the local state court.✑

⇥The school posted about the David incident on Facebook, sharing a photo of the statue and writing: "We have always shared David with our scholars and will continue to do so. We will follow our policy and notify our parents in advance so they can make their own decision if it is age appropriate for their child."♜


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