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1808J3K00121KXR⇆The Dalai Lama has resided in the green, northern, hillside Indian city of Dharamshala since 1959, after an unsuccessful Tibetan uprising against Chinese occupation. Beijing still regards Tibetan Buddhists with suspicion and hostility.➜1210J0100331GCT☪Economist David Lempert, who worked for the U.S. government for over a decade, found in his analysis that an increase of 10% in a woman's body mass decreased her income by 6%. This wage cut comes on top of the fact that women already earn 20% less on average than men in the U.S.♛


✙That imbalance appeared to be righting itself in the first three months of the year, when more than 1.7 million people joined or rejoined the workforce.➞1945R-27H⇌On Wednesday, news of the call was greeted with cautious welcome in some Western capitals.▨GA0603H821KBAAT31G▪The Early Show – October 8, 2002✿S1DLHM2G♤Do the woes of the world get you down? Are daily headlines capsizing your ship? Does it seem like it's taking too long for the deluge of April showers to clear the way for all those promised and proverbial May flowers? (Unless of course you're in a part of the world still awaiting rainfall due to climate agitations.)➪

유Brad Snyder, a six-time Paralympic gold medalist — most recently in paratriathlon — who was blinded by an IED in Afghanistan, was also fine with the video he appeared in last year.①GRM1555C2A3R6CA01D✈Gorsuch and Colorado property. On April 25, Politico reported that Justice Neil Gorsuch sold a 40-acre property he co-owned in Granby, Colo., to Brian Duffy, the CEO of Greenberg Traurig, one of America's largest law firms, which has since had 22 cases come before the court. Gorsuch reported the transaction but not the buyer's identity. According to the story, Duffy, whom Politico notes has been primarily a Democratic donor, though he's given to both parties, says he is neither a friend nor a confidant of Gorsuch.◄


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2220YA250222KXTB16◐"I liked Madonna's voice, I liked the feel, and I liked the name Madonna. I liked it all and played it again," he wrote in his memoir "Siren Song," published in 2018, the same year he retired. Stein was hospitalized with a heart infection when he first learned of Madonna, but was so eager to meet that he had her brought to his room.➨CKC33C153MCGAC7210↞Duaa Tariq, an art curator, tells NPR she is trapped inside a house with her sister, who is five months pregnant, and two-year-old nephew. They are beginning to run out of food.☼


☚"We're also now taking a hard look at our safety guidance and identifying any education messages that may be inadvertently ableist or not account for how someone who uses a wheelchair or walker may safely use a product," Galbo wrote.❤VJ0402D560MXXAP★The Red Bulls echoed that sentiment Saturday night and said the club would cooperate with the league's investigation.▮CWR19FC685KBBZ\TR❖WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency is tightening rules that limit emissions of mercury and other harmful pollutants from coal-fired power plants, updating standards imposed more than a decade ago.▥HMPS-2820-TR2↘--that he had given up his WMD programs but did not want the Iranians to know, so he kept the disarmament a secret;™

▀Vehicles tumbled into what looked like a frozen stream of sedans and SUVs. People nearby described a fearsome rumbling, followed by screams.◥2225J0160102KFR☼The uncrewed spacecraft, which SpaceX says could one day facilitate multi-planetary life, thundered off the launch pad for what had been expected to be a 90-minute trip around the Earth before a splashdown near Hawaii.◐


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C325C209C3G5TA7301✆"If the current fast-rising trend continues, it could surpass the number of cases recorded in 2021, the worst year for cholera in Africa in nearly a decade," the WHO said.◊TBJD227K010CBLC0024◆The mission will be the second phase of NASA's Artemis program. Artemis I occurred last year, when NASA launched the uncrewed Orion on a test mission to space in November, sending the ship around the Moon and back on a 1.4-million-mile journey that lasted 25 and a half days. The goal of that mission was to test the new Artemis rocket and spacecraft ahead of a crewed flight.☊


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