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♝Administrator Thomas Bakenge said the confirmed number of dead stood at 394 but it was a provisional count since the search was continuing. More than 300 victims had been buried as of Sunday, local groups said.➡GRM0337U1H6R1CD01D❀MARGARET BRENNAN: Yeah. Well, it only really began moving in February. You just heard Asa Hutchinson, who is running for President, talk about institutionalizing people with mental health issues to avoid mass shootings. It's something that Mike Pence, the former vice president who's running, also said at the NRA this weekend. He also called for the death penalty for mass shooters. How do you assess those solutions?┱MA0805CG362K500✄The last time I spoke to my mom was a little less than 24 hours prior to the incident. The conversation was very casual. She was telling me about a sick relative of ours who was in the hospital and how she needed our hopes and prayers. Then I received another voice recording on WhatsApp. It was less than an hour before she died, before she was killed. The message was mainly focused on telling [my family and me] how severe the attacks were. There were so many loud explosions, the sound of automatic machine guns, the sound of active war over there. She didn't know the next one would hit her.▭1206J0500241KQT♦A.K.M. Musha was also evacuating around the same time. He's the country director for the international nonprofit group Concern Worldwide, and his team reached Port Sudan on April 24 after joining a U.N. convoy out of Khartoum.◪

▒On Israel's borders with Lebanon and Gaza on Friday, the Israeli military said it was boosting infantry and artillery forces in a defensive move "to prepare for all possible scenarios."⇪BZT52C16TQ-7-F☟In the wake of the Dobbs decision, Murray says she hopes Republicans will join her — which would be essential in a closely-divided Congress for her legislation to advance.♞


の"He's already admitted to lying and defrauding, he is an embarrassment to the House and to the country," Garcia told reporters earlier on Wednesday, days after Santos confessed to stealing a checkbook in Brazil to buy goods in 2008. "People want better from us and they want honest and ethical government."▯GBL06L-5701E3/51█Has there been any information from the government?✥SBC6-4R7-802↺Former BuzzFeed editor-in-chief, Ben Smith, discussed the early days of BuzzFeed News, where he worked alongside Peretti, on Morning Edition. Smith said that in the beginning, there was a mix of hard news, funny quizzes, and social media posts, which led to some media innovation. But with the 2016 United States election, this approach became toxic, as many people became "a little sick" of consuming news through Facebook and online algorithms.✆HT32B❒To prove this concept, the research team produced salt-and-pepper-colored mice by physically plucking strands of their hair again and again over the course of two years.▀

⇍One of the collection's recurring motifs is a masculine softness that isn't always easy to express in words but that is nevertheless deeply felt. In "Steer," for instance, a 50-year-old father, Roy, contemplates his son nearing his 16th birthday. Roy wants to teach his son to be a man who can roll with the punches of life, but "he wanted him, also, to be free and light and open. He feared his son would inherit from him the maintenance and heft of this border around his heart he was constantly buttressing and closing off to guarantee hurt would not breach it." In another story, "Seed to Full," a man doesn't know how to comfort his wife or convey his own grief, so he focuses on what he can control, his work as a sawyer, and builds a coffin "straight and true from wood [he'd himself] sanded and stained, rubbed with linseed until [his] hands were raw."♤1812J2500152JCR✈ will be streaming special coverage of the event starting at 1 a.m. ET.➲


♪"The Justice Department recognizes the profound importance of reducing deaths in custody," the statement said. "Complete and accurate data are essential for drawing meaningful conclusions about factors that may contribute to unnecessary or premature deaths, and promising practices and policies that can reduce the number of deaths."♢2225J5000390FCR▦Flamini says she spoke only when recording videos.✆C1206C103J5RALTU▒What about repurposed approved drugs? Approved drugs can be used off label by physicians. What if, say, an anti-parasite drug cured cancer? Why not take that?♀0805Y0630333JDT▭Days after Carrasquilla was let go, the Republicans in the U.S. House passed legislation known as the national "Parents Bill of Rights" to boost parents' access to information about their child's education.♥

⏎"I think our staff wants to reiterate how unheroic what we did was," Parker said. "We did what we always do. We opened our doors to the people who need it."▧0505Y1500100JQT✯As a cancer patient, I'm getting forwarded many, many articles about early stage cancer treatments and alternative therapies. I think every cancer patient gets these. I'm public about my cancer, so I'm getting these from more than friends and family. I'm getting these also from people I've never met but who are trying to help.▐


"My prayers are with Payton and her teammates that were involved in last night's tragic event," she added. "I know mental wounds also leave scars."►VJ1206Y224MXXMR→First, what are you enjoying right now? For example, at the moment, I am enjoying a cup of strong black tea while I peruse☢C320C333M1U5TA◥LONDON — King Charles III and Camilla, the queen consort, were officially crowned king and queen during a coronation ceremony Saturday at Westminster Abbey, the first coronation there since that of Charles' mother, Queen Elizabeth II, back in 1953.➞SIR800DP-T1-RE3✐In the U.S., the eclipse captured the attention of the nation, with droves of sky-watchers gathering in public spaces and taking road trips for a better view of the spectacle.▩

↽Chinese President Xi Jinping's government has stepped up efforts to intimidate the island by flying fighter jets and bombers nearby and firing missiles into the sea.◫APTGT150H170G◑"Rarely if ever do police officers plead guilty to using excessive force in the line of duty — and today, Stetson has admitted he did so under color of his official authority, in violation of the law," Ellison said in a statement sent to NPR.▦


«"Our fundraising effort for her has been not very good," she says, adding that a GoFundMe campaign Casiano's aunt helped her set up also hasn't gone very well either, only garnering one $20 donation in the first weeks. "I think people are scared of it."♨LB2016T100M◇In a case he took to the Supreme Court, Carhart filed a temporary restraining order in 1997 against Nebraska's attorney general to prevent the state's enforcement of a ban on what anti-abortion activists termed "partial-birth" abortion, a procedure usually performed in the second trimester. In June 2000, the Supreme Court ruled the ban unconstitutional, overturning the law in Nebraska and in 31 other states.▧C326C511JAG5TA✲"This fireball being seen during the day is incredibly rare; imagine how bright it would have been at night," it added.➳1206J0500274MXR↚King Charles III, keen to show that he can be a unifying figure for everyone in the United Kingdom, will be crowned in a ceremony that will for the first time include the active participation of faiths other than the Church of England.➘

✉The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the deal would mean Green Bay will have 11 picks heading into the draft. As of Monday, they have "one pick in the first round, two in the second, one in the third, one in the fourth, one in the fifth, one in the sixth and four in the seventh."☪UP050SL3R9K-B-B〓"Unapologetically confident young women should be celebrated NOT hated," she added. "Get used to it."♪

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