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08051C332K4T4A☛When Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin this week asked the chief justice of the Supreme Court to give the committee an update on the ethics of the court, he spoke of "a steady stream of revelations regarding Justices falling short" of ethical standards.❃VJ2225Y394MXCAT➥But a Pacific cold front moving into the area toward the end of the weekend was expected to bring rain and wind that could push the smoke away.♦


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2225J1K20331KCRぃThe General Prosecutor's Office says it is investigating the cases as potential war crimes, alleging Russian forces intentionally targeted civilian areas.▽1812Y0630683MER◎There are circumstances that elicit a different kind of response. Take their Young Africa Live program. "If there are any messages related to needing help, being suicidal or being depressed," explains Madanda, "we are able to pick out certain words that we can then escalate from a mental health perspective." That escalation may involve a more urgent suggestion to seek medical help and the opportunity to speak directly with a counselor through a government hotline if they choose.↛


But many industry experts warn travelers to be prepared for significant flight delays and cancellations anyway, caused by things outside of the airlines' control.↱0805Y0630271FFR◩Only expelling the two Black legislators may have surfaced the racism at work in the Tennessee statehouse, but racism and discrimination were also lurking just beneath, according to political scientists, historians and activists on the ground.▁BYT200PIV-400§But on July 24, 2022, Cox drew his last breath — upending his daughter’s life, the girl’s mother said Monday during sentencing proceedings for Timothy L. Rush, who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of Cox and 35-year-old Nicole Owens, with whom he shared a child. The second defendant, Dimione Walker, was convicted in November of first-degree murder in the death of 25-year-old Michael Valentine, who was also fatally shot at the club.⇪CDR02BP271BJWSAT★"Most of you in this room, when we were in school, we worried if Nancy would dance with us on Friday after the football game or something," he said. "That was our anxiety."░

⊞"Yes."►CDR32BP561BFUR-ZANAB↗Alternatively, it could attach conditions to the more than $6 billion in federal grants that goes to states each year to address addiction.➮

√Authorities have been pursuing Arrington and three other inmates who broke out over the weekend from a Mississippi jail under federal scrutiny. Arrington is suspected of killing a man and stealing his pickup truck after the escape.╬


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CDR33BX104AMZSAR⇟In the latest development in that case, a federal appeals court heard arguments last week during a hearing in New Orleans.☆UFS160JE3/TR13▶It was the latest in a long series of battles between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza since the Islamic militant group Hamas seized control of the seaside territory in 2007. Israel and Hamas have fought four wars, and there have been numerous smaller flareups as well.◈

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