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▬Gov. Kay Ivey tweeted on Sunday morning that she was grieving the events in Dadeville, but did not provide further detail on what transpired.↱1N5363BRLG✒The pope did keep his appointment at an early evening Good Friday prayer service at St. Peter's Basilica. Wearing crimson-colored vestments, Francis, who has a chronic knee problem, used a wheelchair to reach the central area of the basilica and preside over the service.☢HF1008-332K♤Earlier this week, the Chinese ambassador to France caused outrage by questioning whether former Soviet republics are sovereign states under international law. Ukraine was once a Soviet republic, as were over a dozen other currently independent countries. China's Foreign Ministry walked back the remarks, saying it does respect the sovereignty of former Soviet republics.↿BZX85C2V7-TAP⊙Nasyrova ate two pieces of cheesecake and offered the third slice to Tsvyk, the BBC reports. Tsvyk felt sick after eating the cheesecake and went to lie down.▫

☠The egg and sperm each have 23 chromosomes (most other cells in the body have 46 — in 23 pairs). Through the process of fertilization, the 23 chromosomes from the egg and the 23 from the sperm join together and mix a bit to create a new, unique genetic blueprint.↶VJ0603A331FXBAC➡Kilicdaroglu's rallies draw somewhat younger crowds, with his supporters saying he represents a needed change and that he offers a more moderate leadership.♔


◄The crowd, which ranged from small children to seniors, illustrated the point. The stands were dotted with cowboy hats while hippies danced in the aisles and weed smoke wafted in the air.▤C0805X332KMREC7210⊙The president of the Israelite Consistory of the French southern city of Marseille, Michel Cohen-Tenoudji said Benjamin Haddad, a father of four, was a well-known, very active member of the local Jewish community.⇪A153K15X7RK5TAA↫The United States, Canada and Britain announced a new round of sanctions on the anniversary, targeting members of the junta and junta-backed entities.☆PM20-R56M↕Swatting isn't necessarily a new phenomenon. But the call to Twin Falls doesn't appear to be an isolated incident, and it doesn't appear to have originated locally.♡

⚘It can become physically exhausting as well. People who have trouble hearing often experience listening fatigue.↲1N645UR-1◫Nearby, another group of teenagers stood laughing and talking.☁


  1. TAZH157K010LBSC0045
  2. C0805S273K5RACTU
  3. UMK105CG8R2CV-F
  4. PBSS5350X,146
  5. S1812-224J

V8PA10-M3/I◈On Friday, the Constitutional Council rejected some parts of the government's pension legislation but approved the higher minimum retirement age, which was central to Macron's plan and the focus of opponents' protests.☆CCR05CG561JS▤The ride hailing company declined to share with NPR specific numbers on the potential impact of these layoffs. The Wall Street Journal reported that the layoffs could affect about 30% of Lyft workers, or around 1,200 jobs.☃

◢The attack happened the day before a scheduled online court hearing in which lawyers for the condominium corporation were set to argue that it should be allowed to evict Villi because he had spent years harassing building employees, board members and other neighbors. In court documents, the building's lawyers said Villi ignored court orders to end the harassment and stop posting online about a longstanding dispute he had with the condo's management.◇

◩Wilson Garcia, the homeowner, told KTRK that Oropesa came to his house and shot and killed his wife, 25-year-old Sonia Argentina Guzman, before entering the home and shooting other people inside.↕


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