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⊙Once the assault weapons ban expired in 2004, gun manufacturers quickly began producing the guns and sales quickly rose.▱TAJA226K004SNJ♀"It's a very rural area. There's dirt roads. There's not a lot of cell service or any type of internet," the sheriff said.◈1206J0164P70CFR♡On Monday, the DOJ filed a request for an emergency stay of the injunction while the Fifth Circuit considers the appeal, asking the court to decide by noon CT on Thursday, April 13.☽GA1812A182FBCAR31G◆"Borrowing money," Princeton University's Andreas Wiedemann writes in his book Indebted Societies, "increasingly determines life chances and full participation as economic citizens."➻

✈For example, conservationists and Indigenous communities in Nevada have sued to block the opening of the largest mine planned in the U.S. for extraction of lithium used in electric vehicle batteries.✿SI1499DH-T1-BE3↕Imagine for a moment that everything you built your professional life around – things that motivated you and inspired you and defined you – started to feel irrelevant? Like it no longer fit with who you wanted to be in the world.█


▃This story was produced in partnership with Harvest Public Media, a collaboration of public media newsrooms in the Midwest. It reports on food systems, agriculture and rural issues. Follow Harvest on Twitter: @HarvestPM.▌CL21C1R8CBANNNC❂The military did not directly name Khan, the 70-year-old politician who was ousted in a no-confidence vote last year.➵TZX6V2B-TAP↖But when they reached the dressing room, he restrained her and forced his fingers inside of her before pulling down her pants and raping her, she testified. She said she escaped after kneeing him and running away. At the time, she told two friends about the attack, she said. She did not file a police report.↮100B241JT200XT▫Authorities in southeast Texas are offering a $80,000 reward for any tips that lead to the capture of 38-year-old Francisco Oropesa, who police say shot five people to death in a home early Saturday morning and then fled the scene."♈

♟Reach Digital Health fields millions of questions and dispatches millions of mostly automated, computerized answers per day. That is, "we first try to respond automatically to any question that they might have," says Rogers, "because we want to be able to give them an answer as quickly as possible."▫VJ1206A220KBCAT4X♪Bang Si-hyuk, who chief produces the megahit group BTS, gave the assessment in a rare press conference last month. He said K-pop's business growth has slowed or even turned negative in some markets.↮


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CL21B474KBF4PNG▤The examination by NPR and Mountain West News Bureau also revealed that many of the deaths occurred after correctional officers failed to provide proper and timely medical care, and that poor staff training led to several inmate deaths that could have been prevented. Officials have called the tribal jails program a "national disgrace."☃MRF8S18260HSR5▦"I liked Madonna's voice, I liked the feel, and I liked the name Madonna. I liked it all and played it again," he wrote in his memoir "Siren Song," published in 2018, the same year he retired. Stein was hospitalized with a heart infection when he first learned of Madonna, but was so eager to meet that he had her brought to his room.↥


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1206Y1506P80DQT□CBS News Special Report  — February 5, 2003♥0603Y0630102JCT➸They have remained in a private collection in the U.K. and were "completely unknown to scholars ever since."☈


¤CBS Evening News – June 17, 2003ⓥ103R-100JS➨Sharif accused Khan of tipping the country toward chaos by claiming for months, without evidence, that the United States was behind his ouster from power in April last year. Khan has since said that he believes Pakistan's military chief at the time, Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, somehow convinced the Biden administration to remove him from power.☀2225J1K00681MDR▀In a statement posted online in the evening, Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones said the remains had been positively identified as Arrington. The cause of death was under investigation by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.➞C1206X153KARECAUTO7210⊠The ruling has meant decisions about individual cases from before 2019 now fall to local prosecutors like Jason Williams, the district attorney for Orleans Parish.【

❐Just a day after pleading not guilty to separate charges in the U.S., Santos appeared remotely in a criminal court in the Brazilian suburb of Niterói.✎CBR06C809B5GAC☪"He would always say, 'I feel like I have a unique ability to help. I have the knowledge to be here to fight, and I have the ability to help people,'" said Nelson Rumsey, Campbell's platoon sergeant when the two served in the U.S. Army in Iraq.⊙


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