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▦Titon Mitra, the U.N. Development Program representative in Myanmar, tweeted: "Mocha has made landfall. 2m people at risk. Damage and losses are expected to be extensive. We are ready to respond and will need unhindered access to all affected communities."○


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1812PC104MAT3A▤Hours before Judge Kacsmaryk's order was scheduled to take effect, abortion rights groups gathered at the steps of the Supreme Court to voice their support for a drug they say is "as safe as Tylenol."ISC1812ER561K☼All are members of the so-called OPEC+ group of oil exporting countries, which includes the original Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries as well as Russia and other major producers. There was no immediate statement from OPEC itself.❐

◆Baldwin was pointing a pistol at Hutchins during a rehearsal when the gun when off, killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.◈


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C320C101J2G5CA☼She ended up at emergency services, but the tests showed that she was in good shape like "an astronaut."↗CBR08C120J1GAC▅Rose Friedman and Ciera Crawford contributed to earlier versions of this story.


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C931U222MUWDBA7317♤"Children's book authors — we're fighting over nickels. It's not exactly gangbusters, this industry," she said. "So, when you're presented with any opportunity to get your story, and particularly a story that you deeply believe in, in front of more eyes, it's a huge opportunity."✯AIRD-02-821K⇐The department added that motive has not been determined and remains under investigation.✡

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