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CHV1206N1K0561JXT☢The need for some kind of health-care intervention in Africa is evident. The continent has 17% of the world's population, 23% of the diseases that disable and kill, and only a small fraction of the world's health workers. All too often, says Debbie Rogers, CEO of Reach Digital Health, people travel long distances to reach the closest health facility and wait hours to briefly see a medical professional before making the long return journey home — if they seek out care at all.☠LD12CC104KAB1A▨But Wilt was struck in the head in the process. He was among the nine people hospitalized after the shooting, and he remains sedated and in critical condition after undergoing brain surgery.☀


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AMK325ABJ227MMHT⇂"Politics was no longer something for the debating floor or the voting booth," prosecutor Conor Mulroe told jurors in his closing argument last week. "For them, politics meant actual physical violence. ... And they liked it and they were good at it."⇖C1812C431KZGACTU◨In a metro area no more than 40 miles across, a plan could theoretically have as few as 10 doctors and three facilities in network and still meet these standards, Pollitz said.♤

▧Louisiana State University beat the University of Iowa in the women's NCAA tournament final on Sunday in a matchup full of historic firsts and dramatic moments.↨

▁"Maybe because of the problems within Ukraine," Sasha explains. Maybe there's a sadness, he says, "maybe she thinks she will not see them again."↙

☂King Charles and Queen Camilla will receive a royal salute from the United Kingdom and Commonwealth Armed Forces in the Buckingham Palace gardens.■


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