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▶Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said Berlin wanted to show with the latest package of arms "that Germany is serious in its support" for Ukraine.↾C316C160K3G5TA♠It's a story that has been repeated to her multiple times since January, when the new plan year began. Her clients have "bombarded" her with calls, saying a range of physicians and other providers were not accepting the insurance, even if that provider was listed in the plan's own directory. "The thing that shocked me was how many offices told my clients, 'We have never heard of this company,'" Althouse said.▦2200HT-1R8-H-RC☌One official said the intelligence community's judgment on the potential involvement of foreign adversaries was not only based on an absence of evidence, but that there was "a lot of evidence that points the other way."➼C1206X683J4HAC7800Raynes was spotted on surveillance footage at a service station in Spring Valley, a suburb of Houston, at 11 a.m. Sunday, Jones said Wednesday in a statement. Investigators believe he fled to Texas after stealing a Hinds County Public Works vehicle, which was recovered in Spring Valley. It was unknown whether Raynes traveled alone.☞

☁Vice President Kamala Harris announced the deal during a visit to the Qcells solar panel factory outside Atlanta. The South Korean company's corporate parent, Hanwha Solutions Corp., said in January it will invest $2.5 billion to expand its Dalton, Georgia plant and build another plant in nearby Cartersville. Qcells projects it will supply about 30% of total U.S. solar panel demand by 2027, including making solar panel components usually manufactured outside the United States.▤202H54W563KV4◑Writing in her memoir, One Woman's Army, Adams said she developed a camaraderie with white officer candidates during the train ride to Officer Candidate School. But it didn't last.◘

☺Each state has an immunization manager who coordinates vaccination campaigns. Claire Hannan is the executive director of the group that coordinates all these coordinators – the Association of Immunization Managers. Over the last three pandemic years, she's spoken to NPR dozens of times.◫


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T95R226M050LZSS☂The victims and their families in both cases agreed to the plea bargain after months of discussion, according to reporting from Connecticut Public Radio.™AISC-0805HQ-6N8J-T▨"After John Pope regained consciousness, for more than fifteen minutes, Chauvin kept John Pope in a prone position, handcuffed, while Chauvin kneeled on John Pope's neck and upper back," the city said.♥

✎During drought, the number of people in the contiguous U.S. exposed to elevated arsenic from domestic wells may rise from about 2.7 million to 4.1 million, Lombard estimates, using statistical models.➳


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M39003/03-4040/TR▐"Stock volatility is not indicative of deposit instability," wrote Jefferies bank analyst Casey Haire in a note to clients about Western Alliance.☠MMBZ5245BW-7↰"One of the factors courts look at is whether the work is for commercial use or some other non-commercial use like education?" Soler said. "In this case, it was a series of works that were for a commercial purpose according to the Supreme Court, and so there was no fair use."↼

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