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¤Critics maintain the president's heavy-handed style is responsible for a painful cost-of-living crisis. The latest official statistics put inflation at about 44%, down from a high of around 86%. The price of vegetables became a campaign issue for the opposition, which used an onion as a symbol.↝


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2-2176086-6↘The Information Commissioner's Office says TikTok did not take enough action to ensure users younger than 13 weren't on the app, and that it used their data without parental consent.▲C951U332MVWDBAWL45☠Every once in a while there is a novel that enters the literary zeitgeist and requires discourse — but it feels like there is nothing that can be written or said that will ever do it justice. This is the feeling R.F. Kuang's new novel Yellowface evokes.♠

◨Ellsberg later summed it up by saying: "We always knew we could never win." Yet the war went on and more lives were lost because American leaders were unwilling to acknowledge the futility of the war or to accept the humiliation of defeat.↯

⇍That newer tactic of luring people with promises of a tax refund or rebate is more often employed over email or text as a phishing or smishing scam, Brown says. But both the threatening and enticing tactics are still prevalent, and they can be employed through any method of contact.▪


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UP0.4SC-220-R❏And since the beginning of the year, they've announced hundreds of millions of dollars for the renewable energy transition from climate-warming fossil fuels, environmental cleanup and climate mitigation in poor communities and communities of color.✣GXM31CR61E106KA10L↤Meanwhile, governors in California, Oregon and Pennsylvania have moratoriums prohibiting executions, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, pledged to abolish the state's death penalty--America's largest death row --by 2024.⇩


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